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Get the targets you need before you head out for a day at the local ranges!

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Types of targets:

A Variety of Targets for All Your Recreational Shooting Needs

When you're heading out for a day at the shooting ranges, get all the kinds of targets you need at Ault Ammo Depot to make the most out of your time. We've got a large selection of targets of various types. Whether you need paper targets to sight in your gun or steel targets for long range tactical shooting practice, we've got you covered!


Not sure what kinds of targets would be best to use? Talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We're shooting and gun enthusiasts too. We have the experience to help you find what you're looking for. Stop by today and check out the targets we've got in stock.

  • Paper targets for sight-in purposes

  • Composite or plastic targets

  • Spinning targets for recreational shooting

  • Steel targets from small gongs to tactical and long range

  • Birchwood-Casey

  • Taylor Targets

  • Steel Ops

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